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I’ve allowed various things that I’d published on the Web to disappear, mostly due to not migrating while changing servers and setup (and an abortive attempt at migrating to WordPress). I had it on my list for some time to remedy that, but just never got around to it.

Having caught the static-website bug from reading Conor O’Neill’s website I’ve now spent some time setting things up with Hugo and asciidoc. This is pretty close in idea to how I originally managed websites, albeit more fully realised and engineered.

The first theme I’ve settled on is After Dark I have to say that picking a theme is not an easy step in this process, as it seems to bear on more than just the look of things, but also the degree of built in support for various Hugo features/capacities (e.g. menus)

Content so far is under the reprints heading, and includes articles/notes I published some years ago. I’ve filtered for the ones that may have some passing relevance to someone now, in particular those that were linked by others previously.

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