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I came across PeerVPN fairly recently, via the RadioTux podcast in the April 2018 edition, and afterwards spent some time doing a setup. I must say that it’s a very nice tool. I’ve used OpenVPN for a long time to set up private VPNs linking various servers and systems I use. PeerVPN offers two principal advantages over the traditional setup: Some resiliance to the loss of a server, doesn’t depend on a core machine


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Introduction I’ve allowed various things that I’d published on the Web to disappear, mostly due to not migrating while changing servers and setup (and an abortive attempt at migrating to WordPress). I had it on my list for some time to remedy that, but just never got around to it. Having caught the static-website bug from reading Conor O’Neill’s website I’ve now spent some time setting things up with Hugo and asciidoc.