Material for 4th Year Engineering Materials


12 lectures:
  1. Polymer Processing, lecture 1 (Extrusion) handout not available online
  2. Polymer Processing, lecture 2 (Injection Moulding) handout not available online
  3. Polymer Processing, lecture 3 handout [PDF]
  4. Composite Mechanics, lecture 1 handout [PDF]
  5. Composite Mechanics, lecture 2 handout [PDF]
  6. Composite Mechanics, lecture 3 handout [PDF]
  7. Composite Mechanics, lecture 4 handout [PDF]
  8. Composite Mechanics, lecture 5 handout [PDF]
  9. Composite Mechanics, lecture 6 handout [PDF]
    Scans of acetates written during the lecture are also available (again in PDF format for easier printing):
  10. Adhesives and Joints, lecture 1 handout [PDF]
  11. Adhesives and Joints, lecture 2 handout [PDF]
  12. Final lecture: revision and course-review. Handout not available online. If you're missing the notes, please obtain them from a colleague or talk to me personally.

References and Reading

Polymer Processing

The polymer processing section of the course is drawn from The first edition is very similar to the second. This book is available in the library and it is strongly recommended that you use it during your revision

Composite Material Mechanics

The earlier part of the composite mechanics material presented is drawn from a few sources.

It should not be necessary to consult any of these texts while studying this course.

The later material (calculation of composite properties based on properties of fibre and matrix; failure criteria), is covered in:

  • Principles of Polymer Engineering, 2nd Ed. ; N. G. McCrum, C. P. Buckley and C. B. Bucknall ; Oxford University Press, 1997.
  • Adhesives and Joints

    The final topic covered in the lectures, dealing with adhesives and joints, draws most of its material from
  • Plastics -- Materials and Processing ; A. Brent Strong ; Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1996.
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